for your home
Assessing your need
Florence and Lucile each with their own experience of house maintenance and ępersonal serviceĽ can set up a phone or email estimate for you. We also have access to an excellent questionnaire with 263 questions.

However building trust is essential to us, so we prefer to meet you in person instead of asking you 263 questions! It is your home we are talking about, and you know its every corner, health and maintenance requirements; we couldnít do without your expertise!

A single contact person
Of course this also gives you the opportunity to meet Florence and Lucile who will be your personal contacts. They will be ready to discuss and adjust the yearly maintenance and well-being of your home and consequently of yourself. They will know how to find the best agent, the right service to turn your house into an ecological and clean one!

Should you accept our mission, our intervention will take 2 hours
Because we are entirely committed, we wonít hold you to you a lifelong contract with endless rules and regulations in the small print! Donít worry!

First of all with Arica you remain commitment-free, thatís a fact: suspend your subscription at your convenience.

Whatís equally important is that we offer a very original way for you get to know us: the initial 2-hour mission is to get acquainted and to propose the best possible service for the well-being of your house.

Once again, this is not a ready-made service: together we determine the tasks to be achieved during these 2 hours. Our cleaning methods will adapt to suit your house, not the other way around.

So give it a try!

« Ok, how do you proceed concretely? ».
Yes to green commitments but not everybody likes green. Plus, Florence and Lucile canít be everywhere at the same time.

Well, we donít yet have a ďgreen universityĒ for ecological and responsible cleaning, but we are seriously thinking about it! Our selection of partners has a common ground: the awareness of a different way of caring for your home. First by conviction, then on a security level for our agents: active supplies do not mean dangerous, we care about their health too!

Through working with Arica, they benefit from a unique experience because they are unique within this field. Thatís also Aricaís commitment!

Last but not least, our cleaning supplies. We buy from the very best manufacturers. We could ask you to take care of it but Florence and Lucile would rather spare you the hassle of trying the 137 supplies they had to test before choosing for you!

Do it today! Make a commitment to the ecological cleaning of your home!

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